Overview of Jacaranda services

Jacaranda helps social care professionals to find social work jobs in the UK and Ireland. We help:

  • Social workers
  • Educators
  • Social pedagogues
  • Pedagogues
  • Support workers


Almost all of our social work and social care jobs are for permanent contracts with:

  • Local authorities (state)
  • Charities
  • Private organisations

Take a look at some of our current jobs.


Our service is free of charge to you and includes:

  • an assessment of your suitability for the social work and social care jobs we have
  • guidance on the application processes for social work and social care jobs
  • hints and tips for the interview
  • guidance on moving country
  • friendly and helpful support throughout the process


Most employers of social workers and social care professionals invest in your induction and training. There is a hope that you commit to the job in which we place you for a minimum of 2 years. We sometimes have some fixed-term contracts – ask us for details.


Employers come to Jacaranda to find social workers because there is a shortage of social workers here and because they value our approach to recruitment. There is also a growing interest in social pedagogy, which has not been well known or practiced here until recently.


Social pedagogy learning and development

Jacaranda also provides learning and development courses to organisations who are interested in social pedagogy. We have a team of consultants and trainers who are qualified and experienced social pedagogues. If you are interested in this please contact us.




Our approach

Jacaranda was started in 2003. We are a small team with a base in London. We have lived and worked away from our home countries and speak other languages. This means we understand what it means to move country and, we can advise and guide you based on personal and professional experience.



Due to a national shortage of social workers in the UK, employers have looked overseas to help meet their recruitment needs. Social workers have been recruited from many countries around the world.


Our clients

We aim to provide excellent service to our clients - the employers - by taking the time to understand their recruitment needs. We believe in excellence and know that our commitment to this means employers return to us time and again, and recommend us to others.


Our candidates

We aim to provide an objective and supportive service to you - our candidates. We use our experience to its best advantage in helping you make the decisions that could enrich your professional and personal life.


Our staff and associates

We have an ethical approach to our work and commitment to quality in all that we do. Jacaranda is an exciting place to work - we are innovative and creative, and this together with our commitment to supporting staff development, means for anyone joining our team, the opportunities to help shape the future of Jacaranda are rewarding.  If you are interested in working with Jacaranda, please contact us.


High standards

We have a commitment to high standards in every aspect of our work. This reaches to all corners of what we do; if you are an employer, a candidate or a supplier. We work with attention to detail because we care about what we do, and have a sense of purpose that relates to our part in a much larger picture.


Humour and fun

Last but not least, we have humour and believe that fun is important. Whilst our focus is always on achieving a positive outcome, we want to have fun getting there!



Why are we called Jacaranda?

When we started the company, we wanted a name that was "different" and had meaning. We like the symbolism of a tree, which is something living and organic that provides shelter. We also liked the fact that the Jacaranda tree grows in many countries around the world, though it originates from Brazil, which fits with the international context of our work.


The Jacaranda tree bears beautiful purple blooms.











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