Useful and funny facts

Boots is a shop that doesn't sell boots (or shoes). It is a pharmacy.


Popular supermarkets in the UK are Sainsbury's, Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, Lidl...


Blue Peter is a children's TV programme that has been running for years. A phrase often used is, "Here's one I made earlier" e.g. when creatively making things out of egg cartons and milk bottles. People say this in other contexts.


The NISCC is the Northern Ireland Social Care Council

BBC stands for British Broadcasting Company. It can also stand for "bangers, beans and chips", bangers is a slang word for sausages.


We drive on the left in the UK. Left. Left. Left :-)


Anywhere in the UK, you are never more than 72  miles from the coast.


The HCPC registers Social Workers in England


N/A stands for "Not Applicable" and should be written in response to questions that don't apply to you on an application form e.g. What is your National Insurance number? If you  haven't lived or worked in the UK before, you won't have one, so you write N/A. If you leave the question blank, we may think you missed the question, so you have to write something!


                                           The CCW - Care Council for Wales registers Social Workers who work in Wales -


Read the instructions on an application form carefully - and follow them!

The supporting statement on an application form is very important. Read our hints and tips.


Listen to Taxman is a web calculator that shows the tax and national insurance deductions you would pay on gross salary, to give you an approximate net salary.


A car over 3 years old has to have a Ministry of Transport test (MOT).


The DfE is the  Department for Education and is the government department responsible for children and young people. It used to be called the DCSF (Department for Children Schools and Families)


Tax is administered by HM Revenue and Customers - otherwise known as "the tax man."


      Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) register Social Workers who work in Scotland